Savage Sister is a dream pop/shoegaze/dream electro band based in Chicago, made up of Michael Tenzer, Chloe Lundgren and Caitlin Klask.

But Savage Sister aren’t just a normal shoegaze/dream pop band – they’re THE dream pop band of 2013 (called it), and I might as well jot their name down somewhere near the top of my End of Year list already. Their debut album is really something to behold, and I have been listening to it all day, and will probably continue listening to it all day, every day for a very long time.

This is a band who love music to distraction (they post brilliant music on their blog), and it really reflects in their own – they understand music, and they’ve honed in on this angelic sound, with perhaps not even the slightest glitch. Every song on this album is pure to the core, steeped in dreamy reverb, which makes the vocals sound as if they’re rebounding off the walls of the largest cathedral, and driving straight back into your soul. Chloe Lundgren’s range is astounding, and she really grasps those high notes, only to let the haziness of reverb to work its magic on the rest. The dreaminess of the soundscape, which Tenzer has created, provides a perfect cushion off which these vocals resound, and the swift, light touches of synth, guitar and percussion are probably my favourite aspects of the album.

Savage Sister have a bright future. They have allowed their album to create a pulse of its own. It feels so fresh and organic in its simplicity, making it hard to believe this is an album created under human hands: it sounds almost spiritual and other-worldly, with eeriness and mysticism becoming protagonists in this album-length dream world. I couldn’t rate this album any higher, and can only congratulate them on making such a masterpiece of a work. Can’t wait to hear more!!

You can buy the album for $8 via their Bandcamp.

Special thanks to Cassette Rewind for introducing me to such a special band. 


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