Stratford CT. – Amicus Curiae


I was pretty taken aback when I got sent this amazing new Stratford Court compilation by Malik Buthelezi of SageVideõs (one of the featuring artists on the compilation). It came out of the blue, and I was definitely not expecting to discover one of the most compellingly whole, warm and forward-thinking compilations I’ve come across in a long time – all coming from a record label/curator that has only been around since the beginning of this year! I’ve often been faced with compilations which have a couple of tracks worth listening to, but often disappoint as an entire body of work However, this is definitely not the case with Amicus Curiae. It’s fun, futuristic, and a brilliant taste of the rich and soulful sounds of the appropriating and funk-minded digital music club. An interesting aspect of this music is its repetitive nature is exactly what makes it so good! – As Christoph Cox once said, Repetition provides a stable backdrop against which alteration– auditory and visual, temporal and spatial– is made manifest.” 

Each and every one of the artists featured has either already found a special place in my heart because of their consistent outpouring of sensual jams, or, are completely new to me, but definitely show themselves to be worthy of support in their future musical endeavours. Each song is gooey and captivating, in both dance and chill capacities.

I highly recommend you a) download this compilation, and b) take it for a walk, or show your friends. None of this ‘listen before you buy’ stuff is necessary with this badboy – it’s guaranteed to deliver!

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