Savage Sister – Wild Sleep EP



Last year, I wrote about the incredible self-titled debut album belonging to Chicago’s brooding shoegaze specialists, Savage Sister, made up of Michael Tenzer and Chloe Lundgren. It definitely featured as one of the top of the year for me (although I have no official list), and it seems like this year they are off to a cracking start, yet again, with their latest Wild Sleep EP affirming their brilliance when it comes to concocting pure doses of mystical shoegaze.

The title of the album, Wild Sleep, could not be more appropriate when one considers the sonic temperament of the album, which ranges from moments of tranquility, to bouts of dark and evocative darkwave. A staple, however, is the startlingly beautiful vocal work by Lundgren, the almost palpable sense of reverb, and a dense atmosphere, all culminating to form a completely alluring sound. Multi-instrumentalist, Tenzer, has clearly spent many gruelling hours perfecting each and every detail, and it has certainly paid off – it’s another masterpiece!

If you like what you hear, the EP is going for $4 via their Bandcamp, where you can also find their debut.


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